Why choose us?

Media Environmental Inc. is a mine service contractor; a prominent substrate conditioning company that specializes in maintenance, and reliability of mining equipment. Serving the largest miners, ‘soda wash’ is our flagship approach and process. Soda wash is an innovative conditioning/washing phenomenon (using baking soda) that enhances the productivity of mobile and fixed assets, as well as adding significant value and savings to the overall mining process.



The introduction of soda – washing increases radiator operating hours to 9000 hours!

Prior radiator operating hours were about 1000 hours before replacement.

"Yes, replacing a radiator is expensive. But it's the lost time and lost productivity that really adds up. We're looking at thousands of dollars of deferred revenue every time the scoop is down."  click here Reference - Canadian Mining Journal article

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We Guarantee We'll Be Your #1 Employee On The Job

At Media we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty; we enjoy working in hard, messy, grimy environments. We have a strong understanding of different climates and locations.  This ensures that we cater directly to your site needs. We will even work around your operating times and shutdowns, to provide a complete "turn-key" maintenance service.


Whether your project is in a plant, underground, working on sensitive equipment, in a confined space, in a commercial building, a residential dwelling or in a remote field, Media Environmental can handle that project for you.


The dedicated team here at Media is trained to handle every kind of project imaginable from the smallest to the largest.  From a single technician to a specialty team for an unusual challenge, our fleet of vehicles, our blast equipment, our expertise, our years of experience, it’s all at your finger tips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.